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Speech is only one of the ways to conduct a dialogue. A musical instrument, a dance, or a brush allows for dialogue where words fail.


Dalibor Bzirský studied and works not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Italy and Switzerland.

His first very important mentor in instrument building and restoration was the excellent Czech violin maker Jaromír Joo in Náchod.


In 1996, he opened his own Atelier in Prague. His instruments are played by musicians from many European countries, soloists and leading players of the Czech Philharmonic, the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Prague Chamber Philharmonic, the Bohuslav Martinů Zlín Philharmonic, the National Theater Orchestra, etc.


Thanks to more than twenty years of work in his beloved Italy, he established many professional and friendly relationships, especially in Modena, Rome, Florence, Naples, but also in Sicily. His instruments literally sound all over Italy.

Dalibor Bzirský is also dedicated to the restoration of rare instruments. For the Claude Lebet atelier, where he grew up professionally, he restored instruments not only from the collection,  e.g. A. Stradivari – Milanollo 1728, Andrea Amati – Il Portoghese ca 1567 or instruments of clients such as Vadim Repin (G. Guarneri del Gesù – Von Sherdahely 1736), Julian Rachlin (G. Guarneri del Gesù – Ex Carrodus 1741) and many other musicians from around the world. And, of course, students of conservatories and academies, looking for quality instruments for their studies and future professional career.


For the atelier Claude Lebet, he was largely involved in the commission for the Orchestra of the National Opera And Ballet Tbilisi in Georgia, which ordered the construction of the complete string section , i.e. 46 instruments.


However, he also devotes himself to young and beginning musicians. A well-sounding and well-tuned instrument can decisively influence their relationship to music.


Dalibor Bzirský is an honorary member of the Circle of  violinmakers in Prague and chairman of the Věnceslava Metelka  Society, which organizes international violin-making competitions in the Czech Republic.

He himself is the holder of several awards from international competitions

Houslařské umění Dalibora Bzirského | Martina Včeláková



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The Society organizes the International Violin making Competition Prague, which is quite exceptional among other world competitions and is highly rated by the professional public.

 It is non-anonymous, the contestants are also judges.

The violin scroll is also carved on the spot. It brings professional and personal growth.

Claude Lebet postavil nástroje pro mnoho hudebníků a souborů, včetně I Musici di Roma, „Ravel Quartet“ z Lyonu, Beaux Arts Trio z New Yorku, Paul Tortelier, Arthur Grumiaux, Henryk Szeryng a další. Hudebníci Lebet String Quartet z Rotterdamu, kteří hrají na jím vyrobené nástroje, dali svému souboru dokonce jméno.

budova, jeden, housle

The Society of czech violinmakers (KUH)

The Society of czech violinmakers (KUH) unites professional violinmakers, bow makers and restorers of stringed musical instruments.


Membership presupposes high-quality artistic violin work and professional level, which are core values ​​that shape the Circle's prestige. It is not the goal of KUH to unite as many makers as possible, but only the best.


Membership in the KUH is a certain distinction and appreciation of a maker’s qualities and is his good business card in public 

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